The Center for Development of Technology Units is based on the expansion of technology deepening services in member technology units. This center, as a point of contact between ICT Park and the established member companies, provides a set of services that companies need for promoting the growth and development of their technology, including the required infrastructure and legal facilities, networking and building relationships with government bodies, industry and the public sector.

Among the main programs of this center are the development of young knowledge-oriented businesses, increasing the economic and managerial power of technological companies, creating productive employment, increasing the national gross production through the creation of new products and markets, and creating jobs, especially for creative and elite graduates and artisans of the country to improve the position of knowledge-based activities and attract domestic elites and prevent brain drain by creating supportive and encouraging infrastructures.

The Digital Economy Development Network (DEDN)


Companies operating in the Information and Communication Technology Park can benefit from a wide range of services, namely, from public and basic to scientific and specific, and to technical and facilitative services; some of the most important of such services are as follows.