Social Responsibility


“Social Responsibility” is a relatively new discourse in the approach of various businesses to the environment, including the role and participation in social development, commitment to the environment, transparency and meritocracy, maintaining various public rights and so on with the aim of redesigning the bioethical structure of business environment.

ICT Park, as a pioneer park in the field of ICT, is no exception. ICT Park’s approach to social responsibility is multifaceted in which, in addition to the importance of paying attention to components of social responsibility such as green management and environmental protection, transparency and meritocracy, empowerment of society, non-discrimination and maintaining public rights as a “moral” matter are also at the top of the responsibility pyramid.

Accordingly, both social responsibility and moral responsibility as two major issues, have always been considered by ICT Park officials in all policy-making, planning and development processes within the park, including admission and acquisition of technology companies, development of businesses in the field of ICT, development of technology and innovation ecosystem, development of internal and external cooperation networks.

Information and Communication Technology Park is proud to form a “Technology Professional Ethics Council” consisting of park officials, CEOs of technology companies based in the park, as well as observers and social and cultural activists (university professors, heads of scientific-research associations, members of National Charity Network) puts the two important issues of “social responsibility” and “moral responsibility” in the forefront of its attention; and is committed to draft the grand charter of “moral and social responsibility” of the park.

To benefit from the facilities and capacities of ICT Park in developing social, cultural and civic activities, and to obtain more information, all institutions and organizations, especially institutions and civic associations, are invited to contact us through this e-mail: