In Line with Developing S&T Diplomacy;

A High-Ranking Delegation from U.P.M Visited ICT Park

12 June 2023 | 10:11 Code : 933 News and Events
ICT Park's PR: in line with the development of science and technology diplomacy with Malaysia, a high-ranking delegation from the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) visited ICT Park on June 12th, 2023.
A High-Ranking Delegation from U.P.M Visited ICT Park

In this meeting, which was held with the aim of familiarization, besides assessing the feasibility of establishing a smart greenhouse based on the Internet of Things for the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), officials present in the meeting introduced their organizations and also the main axes of interest for starting a joint cooperation.
At the start of this meeting, Dr. Mohammad Jafar Sadigh Damghanizadeh, Advisor to the Minister and the President of ICT Park, welcomed the presence of the Malaysian delegation in ICT Park, indicating that one of the best ways to expand the relations between Muslim countries is establishing science and technology diplomacies: "ICT Park is ready to cooperate in in all the relevant fields with Malaysia which is a developed Muslim country," he said.
Additionally, the history of the formation of ICT Park in Iran, ICT Park's propulsion projects, including the IOT Greenhouse., digital content production, Digital Economy Development Network (DEDN), the activities of more than 70 technology companies associated with ICT Park and similar issues were among the most important points that were introduced by Dr. Ghanbari Bagestan,  Advisor for ICT Park Communication and International Affairs 
Later in the meeting, Dr. Hang Tuah Baharudin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Industry and Community Relations at Universiti Putra Malaysia, thanked ICT Park, mentioning that the tasks and ideas presented in the meeting were close to UPM's, both for ongoing and future plans: "Your ideas are close to what we want to do.  Our country, Iran is both unique and powerful. In the field of technology, there is a lot that Malaysia can learn from ICT Park. For this reason, exchanging knowledge and information will be a very good opportunity for us,” he explained. 
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Industry at Universiti Putra Malaysia introduced Iran as one of the Muslim countries that has great potentials in technology: "Despite the sanctions, you did not stop and continued your movement. We believe there are many creative minds and potential here. Malaysia's market is very small compared to countries like China, so achieving such big markets is not only beneficial but also vital. Malaysia, with a population of about 32 million people, has a small market to present its knowledge and technology products, but finding partners from Iran, China, Europe and similar agents can connect our country to larger markets. Therefore, achieving new markets is always one of our main goals.
In the end, Dr. Hang Tuah Baharudin mentioned that the experiences of both Iran and Malaysia in the field of biotechnology and advanced technology are complementary to each other, considering Iran's ability in manufacturing different equipment.
After this meeting and with the presence of the UPM delegation, a visit was paid to ICT Park's Smart Greenhouse, the UAV laboratory, the Signal-Afza Industrial Group, Arg Telecom and ESM Telecommunication Company.
In this visit, in addition to Dr. Hang Tuah Baharudin,  Deputy Vice-Chancellor of industry at Universiti Putra; Dr. Loh Teck Chwen, the Dean of Putra University's Faculty of Agriculture; Dr. Mohd Nizam Osman,  Director of UPM's Community Development Center and Ahmad Farhan Ab Karim,  Charge D'Affaires of the Malaysian Embassy, were also present.
Also, on behalf of ICT Park, Dr. Mohammad Jafar Sadigh Damghanizadeh,  Advisor to the Minister and  President of ICT Park; Dr. Abbas Ghanbari Bagestan,  Consulter for ICT Park Communication and International Affairs; Dr. Farhad Senjarifard,  Head of ICT Park's Cluster and Supply Chain Development; Eng. Javad Yazdanpanah,  Deputy of ICT Park’s Technology Development; Eng. Mohammad Ali Jafari,  Director of ICT Park’s Techno-units’ Development Center; Dr. Reza Salehi,  Manager of ICT Park's Smart Greenhouse and Dr. Alireza Hafizi,  Deputy of ICT Park’s Human Recourses Development and Recourse Management were also present.


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