The Tripartite Meeting Held Between Iran's ICT Park, Russia's Kazan Park, and Innopolis Special Economic Zone

08 June 2023 | 12:05 Code : 922 News and Events
ICT Park's PR: The tripartite meeting between Iran's Information and Communication Technology Park (ICT Park), Kazan Park, and Innopolis Special Economic Zone Organization was held online on June 5th, 2023.
The Tripartite Meeting Held Between Iran's ICT Park, Russia's Kazan Park, and Innopolis Special Economic Zone

In this meeting which was held with the aim of mutual acquaintance and assessing the possibility of bilateral cooperation, the officials and senior officials of the present organizations introduced their respective organizations as well as the main axes of interest for starting joint cooperation.
The history of the development of ICT Park in Iran, ICT Park's propulsion projects including its I.O.T Greenhouse., digital content production, Digital Economy Development Network (DEDN), the activities of more than 70 technology companies associated with ICT Park, and similar issues were among the most important axes that ICT Park's officials presented to the Russian parties and received their appreciation in this regard.
In this meeting, Mr. Protopotov, the Deputy Director-General for the Cooperation Development of Innopolis Special Economic Zone, thanked ICT Park for the provided explanations and introduced the Innopolis Special Economic Zone, referring to the ongoing meeting as a good opportunity for getting familiar with potential fields of cooperation‎ between the two sides: "During the recent International Economic Forum held in Kazan between Russia and Islamic World, negotiations were held between Kazan Park and the Iranian Consul in Kazan regarding cooperation with Iran's ICT Park. We welcome this type of cooperation and we are ready to host ICT Park's visit to Kazan in Russia," he said.
The Deputy Director-General of the Resident's Cooperation Development of the Innopolis Special Economic Zone mentioned the newly established Technopark in Innopolis as another potential for cooperation between the two sides: "The newly established Technopark has provided special conditions (including tax conditions) for foreign companies so that they can settle in this Technopark. These companies can start their work independently with the help of Technopark, and if they want to do joint work, the Technopark will provide them with a business partner. This Technopark is ready to provide deployment services to companies that are active in developing Internet of Things, drones or unmanned aerial or ground vehicles (UAVs and UGVs), routers and modems, as well as servers," he added.
At the end of the meeting, the two sides expressed their hope for maintaining suitable relations and establishing mutual cooperation, and decided to pay two-sided in-person visits to ICT Park and Innopolis Special Economic Zone.
Dr. Mohammad Jafar SAdigh Damghanizadeh, the Advisor to the Minister and the President of ICT Park; Dr. Abbas Ghanbari bagestan, the Consulter for ICT Park Communication and International Affairs; Mr. Aleg Protopotov, the Deputy Director-General in of the Resident's Cooperation Development in Innopolis Special Economic Zone; Mr. Insaf Salavatulin, the Head of the Recruitment Department for Information Technology Companies associated with Innopolis Special Economic Zone‎; Ms. Alia Bosova, the Head of Innovation Development Department of Kazan's IT Park, and Adel Badratdinov, the Senior Experts of the Associated Companies and International Projects of Kazan's IT Park were among the officials present in this meeting.


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