As the Head of a Diplomatic Delegation;

the Asia-Pacific Director-General of Mali's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visited ICT Park

08 December 2021 | 09:34 Code : 347 News and Events
ICT Park’s PR: A diplomatic delegation headed by Mr. Mahmoud Mohammad, the Asia-Pacific Director-General of Mali's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Park on December 8th, 2021, and negotiated with ICT Park officials about Park maintenance with the aim of initiating relationships and expanding interactions between the two countries.
the Asia-Pacific Director-General of Mali's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visited ICT Park

At the beginning of this visit, Dr. Sadigh Damghanizadeh, the Minister’s Advisor and President of ICT Park, who is the  founder of Science and Technology Parks in Iran, elaborated on the primary experiences and requirements for developing and maintaining Science and Technology Parks in any other country.

Dr. Ghanbari Baghestan, the Advisor of Communication and International Affairs, illustrated a detailed report on ICT Park activities, the theme of these activities, and the potential areas for developing international cooperation, services, and capacities; also, he introduced the currently active sites of ICT Park in three national provinces, including Alborz, Mashhad, and Sari.

Dr. Chitsaz, the Deputy Director of ICT Park Market Development, also explained the technical and international aspects of establishing science and technology parks in Mali, announcing Iran's ICT Park inclination to help develop ICT parks in Mali.

Following the meeting, Mr. Mahmoud Mohammad, the Asia-Pacific Director-General at Mali's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, clarified Mali's current situation and expressed interest in setting up and establishing technology parks in his country, asking for Iran's ICT Park support for establishing initiative institutes in Mali, besides training the personals and developing a proper management system for the park.

The final section of this meeting involved the visit in which the diplomatic delegation of Mali visited the companies present in ICT Park, including ESM Telecommunication, I.O.T Greenhouse, Food Safety Laboratory, and other associates.

It is noteworthy that besides Dr. Sadigh Damghanizadeh, Dr. Ghanbari Baghestan, and Dr. Chitsaz, the Asia-Pacific Director-General at  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other participants of this meeting included Mr. Taleshi Salehani, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Mali; Mr. Taher Joumast; Mr. Maiga Mahmoud Barazi, the Embassy Secretary of the Republic of Mali in Tehran; Mr. Pourhosseini from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology; Mr. Jafari, the Director of the Technology Units Development Center, and Mr. Yazdanpanah, the Deputy Director of Technology Development of ICT Park.

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