Companies operating in the Information and Communication Technology Park can benefit from a wide range of services, namely, from public and basic to scientific and specific, and to technical and facilitative services; some of the most important of such services are as follows:

  1. General and Basic Services
  1. High Quality Accommodation: available in both Alborz and Mashhad sites.
  2. Establishment: secretarial, protection and security, communications, common spaces
  3. Financing: Venture Capital Services, bank loans, research and technology fund, brokerage services for Innovation and Prosperity Fund.
  1. Specialized Services
  1. Management Consulting Services: financial, insurance and legal consulting, stock exchange brokerage services, coaching services.
  2. Commercial Consulting Services: brand consultancy, local marketing, capital raising and commercialization
  3. International Consulting Services: Getting patents, obtaining international standards and certificates, facilitating International Marketing
  1. Technical services:
  1. Technology Procurement Services
  2. Safe Software Environment (Filtering)
  3. Business Clinic
  4. Technical and laboratory infrastructure services
  5. Specialized services such as training courses, laboratories and workshops, specialized consultations, holding and participation in exhibitions and events.