About Commercialization


The Information and Communications Technology Park is the first market-oriented national park in Iran. Accordingly, commercialization activities accompanied by a distinctive presence in the market are among the high-priority projects of ICTP.

The Information and Communications Technology Park currently accommodates more than twenty full-fledged ICT companies and sponsors a network of firms and technology development centers (DEDN) across the country. It is a pleasure to announce that ICTP presently has more than eighty hardware and software products developed by the affiliated ICT companies, which are ready to be launched within multifarious local, national, regional, and international markets.

Target Markets

Apart from maintaining a thriving presence in national markets, ICTP primes a range of the affiliated companies’ high-tech products that possess A-level technological qualification, by international technical standards, to break into regional and international markets, commensurate with the potential capacity of the manufacturing companies and their net production costs. Neighboring countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, and Syria, Central Asian countries, Arab countries in the Middle East, and Arab states of the Persian Gulf take precedence over other countries for the commercialization and marketing of the affiliated companies’ products. 

Given the worldwide growth of e-commerce trade, particularly in the area of ICT, some of ICTP’s full-fledged affiliates are ready to break into transregional markets, such as those in Europe, East Asia, and Latin America.

Contact Us

If you have inquiries or propositions regarding commercialization, marketing, and purchase and sale, or if you have fresh and innovative ideas for market development, you can contact us via email at: commercial@itc-park.ir; or call us at: 026-36106219.