Services and Activities


ICTP-affiliated companies located in the park and DEDN member companies can (in the form of mutual benefits) avail themselves of the various services offered by ICTP. Some of these services and benefits are listed below:

A) Workplace and Transportation Services: available services include provision of stylish office space, shuttle services, and parking area.  

B) Logistic Services: these include introducing and promoting ICT companies on ICTP’s multilingual website, organizing promotional events and programs, such as product launch events, attending national and international exhibitions, and introducing ICT companies to overseas partners and associates.

C) Services, Funding, and Sponsorship: insurance benefits, DEDN’s available services and resources, specialized military service benefits, recommendation letters for income tax exemption applications, recommendation letters to organizations and companies, and tender abandonment are among the benefits belonging to this category.

In view of the long-term plans of the park and the favorable reception of the services by ICT companies, preparations for another range of services and benefits for ICTP-affiliated companies are under way. Some of the most significant ones are:

  • Offering legal counsel
  • Helping companies to be listed on Iran Fara Bourse and Tehran Stock Exchange Market
  • Transfer contracts
  • Specialized laboratories and workshops
  • Funding developmental projects and plans
  • Server installation in the park’s data center