About TIC


Devising a process and setting up a foundation based on the principles of entrepreneurship grounded in technology and future-oriented research, and capable of contributing toward the growth and expansion of the economies of developing countries, serve a crucial role in the technological development of companies and knowledge-based institutes.   

Aimed at facilitating the expansion of technology-based entrepreneurship and producing wealth in society, ICTP performs a prominent role in the creation of a supply chain in the area of ICT by expanding knowledge-based economy, improving the competitive capacities of ICT companies, commercialization of research results, and establishing a connection between scientific and industrial sectors active in the field of ICT.

As the meeting point and service bridge between ICTP and its affiliates, the Technology Incubation Center pursues high aims. The following could be enumerated among the primary objectives of TIC: Expanding fledgling knowledge-based businesses, boosting the administrative and economic power of ICT companies, generating new employment opportunities, and increasing gross domestic product by creating new products, markets, and employment, particularly for new graduates, innovative entrepreneurs, and elites in order to enhance the status of knowledge-based activities, attract domestic elites, and prevent their emigration through the establishment of a supportive infrastructure.  

Devising a comprehensive administrative plan in the area of ICT provides a suitable matrix for the realization of the foregoing aims and the systematization of the activities of fledgling knowledge-based businesses at ICTP. To this end, ICTP Technology Incubation Center is one of the most authentic and productive centers geared toward supporting fledgling knowledge-based businesses and converting technology into wealth by providing the required supportive infrastructure.

The principal aims of TIC are as follows:

1. To expedite the technological development and enhancement of ICT products in Iran.

2. To provide ICT companies with elegant office space and value-added services.

3. To provide counsel and other required services for ICT companies, with a view to enhancing the technology level of products and their suitability for attaining a fair share of the domestic market.

4. To contribute to the development of the domestic market and pave the way for entry into regional and international markets.

5. To oversee the progress of companies and provide counsel based on technical and commercial evaluations, while taking account of the contextual circumstances of their situation.

6. To fund projects aimed at technological, economic, and administrative development, human capital enhancement, and domestic and international commercialization.