The Assessment and Acceptance Process


In the new millennium, science and technology parks serve as the focal point of innovative technological advancements with the aim of developing a knowledge-based economy. A knowledge-based economy is a dynamic, modern economy well-grounded in knowledge and can be achieved only through a technological ecosystem founded upon creativity, entrepreneurship, research, and development, particularly in the area of ICT.  

The Information and Communications Technology Park (ICTP) is the only specialized national ICT park in Iran with a market-oriented approach. In view of the foregoing, ICTP is prepared to aid those ICT companies that have reached the production stage and need logistic (organizational and administrative), professional (consultation, commercialization, and internationalization), and technical (the enhancement and development of an ICT product) support to facilitate the advancement of the companies, as well as that of their products, and help them break into national, regional, and international markets.

Acceptance into ICTP and the provision of office accommodation at either of the park’s active sites (Alborz or Mashhad) follow a series of steps, which includes registration, assessment and review of the application at the preliminary stage, and subsequent annual review and assessment following acceptance. All of the foregoing steps are carried out by qualified specialists and professional assessors.  

Active ICT companies interested in joining ICTP can apply for membership within the time period specified in ICTP’s annual announcement. The announcement is posted annually on ICTP’s official website at:

Applying for Membership in ICTP is possible solely through the submission of a formal application during the time period specified in the public announcement. After submission, applications undergo the technical and professional assessment process conducted by a cadre of experts in the related field. The entire acceptance, registration, assessment, and review process and the following annual assessment of ICT companies take place at the Assessment and Acceptance Unit of ICTP Deputy Head of Technology Development. For more information about the stages of the foregoing procedure, please visit the following links:

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