About DEDN


In view of the transition of the classical economic system to a knowledge-based economy as well as the orientation of the market, particularly in the area of ICT, toward science, knowledge, and technology, many countries and regional/international industrial hubs seek to raise revenues from the sale of knowledge and modern skills, focusing on novel technological ideas and the enhancement of the value chain in the economic ecosystem.

A strong connection between the foundation and pillars of classical economy and modern knowledge and technology is an essential desideratum for advancement on the path of knowledge-based economy. The foregoing can only materialize through the foundation of science and technology parks, technology development centers, and business incubators, but most importantly, through the implementation of progressive plans in this sphere.

To that end, and in accordance with its outlined goals, mission, and national/international vision, ICTP seeks to optimally employ the potential and capacity of technology parks across the country and extend support to domestic technology centers, business incubators, and active facilitators. The Information and Communications Technology Park pursues and furthers this aim by inaugurating the national Digital Economy Development Network (DEDN).

The Digital Economy Development Network is comprised of a nexus of licensed science and technology parks, business incubators, and facilitators, which collaborate with ICTP in order to advance activities in the area of ICT and boost digital economy.

The foremost aim of the network is to concatenate a synergistic and enabling chain of members nationwide, the attainment of which is sought through wide networking and the implementation of funding and support programs.    

The Digital Economy Development Network has initiated far-reaching member-oriented funding and support programs with a view to contributing toward the development of its members. A number of the most important grants offered by DEDN are as follows: