ICT Park Branches


Two branches of ICTP in Alborz and Mashhad currently accommodate more than 20 active ICT companies.

Alborz Branch (Formerly Known as Sajad)

As the headquarters of ICTP, the Alborz branch covers an area of 22 hectares, housing more than 40 residential and commercial apartment complexes. It is located close to the kilometer marker 26 of Tehran-Karaj Freeway in Alborz Province. At present, the branch accommodates 17 ICT companies.

Mashhad Branch

In 2018, the Mashhad branch set up its office in the Post Bank building located on Khayyam Boulevard in Mashhad. The ten-story building has a floor area of 3000 square meters and offers ICTP’s affiliates fully-operational office space, along with modern amenities. The branch currently accommodates 6 ICT companies.