Mission and Vision


Establishing science and technology parks is the latest approach to knowledge and technology development adopted by various countries with the aim of making practical use of theoretical knowledge in the marketplace, laying the foundations for the sustenance, growth, and expansion of fledgling companies, and, finally, enhancing national wealth by fostering and promoting innovation in accord with the competitive culture shared by the affiliated companies of each park.

     Accordingly, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Iran (MICT) established the Information and Communications Technology Park (ICTP) in 2017, with a view to aiding active ICT companies and enterprises. As a national park, ICTP is currently a major production hub for ICT products, providing the required facilities, services, and equipment for domestic ICT companies and corporations.

  1. Market Niche

The Information and Communications Technology Park is willing to sponsor those ICT companies that have reached the production stage and are ready to enter national, regional, and international ICT markets.

  1. Our Global Vision

Internationalization and expansion of transnational business collaborations are among ICTP’s major projects. As the first market-oriented park in Iran, ICTP seeks to become a world-class technology park by dint of productive collaboration with prestigious domestic and international ICT companies.

In view of the foregoing, apart from facilitating the internationalization of affiliated ICT companies, ICTP is also prepared to provide the infrastructure and services needed to attract large regional and international ICT companies.  

  1. Aims and Mission

The ultimate goal of ICTP is to attract domestic and overseas ICT companies, boost their position in the ICT manufacturing industry, and facilitate the maintenance of the companies’ active presence in both domestic and overseas markets.

To that end, the primary mission of ICTP is the financial development and technological advancement of affiliated companies with the aim of improving their competitive capacity and efficiency. Other aspects of our mission include:

  • Assisting affiliated ICT companies in evolving into advanced companies and corporations by entering domestic and overseas ICT supply chains
  • Facilitating international trade and business communication on a regional and global scale
  • Establishing a network of affiliated ICT companies and guiding their production planning and manufacturing modules in a direction consonant with the demands of both domestic and overseas markets
  • Planning to attract Iranian ICT experts and specialists abroad and encouraging return migration