The Fifth Issue of ICT Park Newsletter Published

20 September 2021 | 15:15 Code : 272 News and Events
ICT Park’s PR: The fifth issue of ICT Park’s Trilingual Newsletter, exclusive for July-August 2021, was published with a News approach and with Dr. Mohammad Jafar Sadigh Damghanizadeh as the Managing Editor and Dr. Abbas Ghanbari Baghestan as the Editor-in-chief.
The Fifth Issue of ICT Park Newsletter Published

The fifth issue of ICT Park’s Trilingual Newsletter, the official Newsletter of ICT Park, consists of six main sections, which are respectively “ICT Park’s Latest News,” “Ideation (Discussion / Interview),” “Introduction of the Products of ICT Park’s Member Techno-Companies,” “Calls and Announcements,” “Arabic Section” and “English Section.” 

The Editorial page of ICT Park’s Newsletter contains: 
“The fifth issue of ICT Park’s trilingual Newsletter, exclusive for July-August 2021, has been published. As in the previous issue, due to the wide range of audience and to further attract  regional and international addresses, this issue has been arranged in Persian, Arabic, and English and made accessible for the audience and those interested. 

In July-August, in terms of development, ICT Park witnessed the “inauguration of ICT Park’s branch in Semnan” with the presence of Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohammad Jafar Sadigh Damghanizadeh, the Minister’s Advisor and President of ICT Park, the Deputy Provincial Government’s Management and Resources Development, Semnan’s Governor, and Semnan’s People Representative in the Parliament.

Additionally, the visits of the high-ranking Afghan delegation, headed by the Senior Advisor to Afghanistan’s Budget and Tourism Affairs, and Hamrahe Aval’s Deputy CEO from the Information and Communications Technology Park should also be noted. 

In July-August, from the international relations development perspective, ICT Park witnessed the conduction of the International Council’s 4th meeting, with the aim of evaluating the Guideline, Executive Protocol, and the Worksheet related to the Call for identification of products of ICT Park’s member companies and decision making about the admission or rejection of the Park’s membership applicants as “Agents” in  local and international markets. 

As in the previous issues, apart from the sections of “Park Introduction,” “The Latest News,” “Calls and Announcements” and “Introduction of Techno-Companies’ Products,” the “Ideation Section”, compatible with Park’s policies, programs, and the main agenda, is also available.

In the Ideation Section, the main purpose is to analyze the lived experiences of ICT Park’s Management Team, the viewpoints of the experts and professionals in this field, in addition to the ideas of ICT authorities and other domains relevant to the aim of development and propagation of “the Modern Governance Discourse” in ICT Parks.” The outcome of this analysis in appropriation with the latest achievements, developments, and the discourses of this field will be available for the enthusiasts. 

Complementary details of all the news, information, and reports related to ICT Park’s activities are also available on the Park’s trilingual website ( Those interested can refer to this website for further information.”

To see the fifth issue of ICT Park’s trilingual Newsletter, click here.

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